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A Case for Yellow


Lily is pregnant. Lily decides to get an abortion. Miles, her husband, wants to keep the baby. This precipitates a series of conversations and actions exploring neurodiveristy, family, inheritance, agency, resilience, relationships, and the nature of metaphor. 


Naturalism; realism with magical elements; family drama. 


Lily: AFAB (assigned female at birth), cis woman or non-binary femme; late 20s-mid 30s; any ethnicity 

Miles: Married to Lily; AMAB (assigned male at birth), cis man or non-binary masc; late 20s-mid 30s; any ethnicity

Evangeline: Lily's mother; AFAB, cis woman or non-binary femme; early 50s-late 60s; any ethnicity

Content Advisory

Mature themes and language including: abortion, depression, implied sex

Production History

Development: Informal workshop at Brandeis University. Unproduced. 

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