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Acting Coaching

With well over a decade of experience teaching acting, and two decades of acting experience, I have both the breadth and depth of knowledge to work with anyone seeking to explore the art and craft of acting. I cover breathing, voice, embodiment, gesture, characterization, text, and energy, utilizing techniques from a variety of schools and methodologies, including Linklater, Laban, Brook, Boal, Grotowski, Miesner, Fornés, Spolin, Adler, Stanislavski, Chekhov, Classical, and Practical Aesthetics. I do not adhere to a single one of these schools; rather, I find fruition in the combination, overlap, and interplay of varying methods, always tailored to the person with whom I am working. My knowledge of theatrical history and texts extends from the classics through to the contemporary, with particular expertise in Shakespeare and queer and feminist playwrights. I am equally comfortable with comedy and drama, and hold particular interest in works that subvert or circumvent genre. I welcome students with all levels of experience and expertise.

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