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As some who graduated from high school with a 4.19 GPA and from university summa cum laude with high honors, I know what it takes to achieve academically, but more importantly, I have a deep love of learning that I have nurtured in myself, and now help foster in my students. It is this combination that makes me a successful tutor; I excel at cultivating student buy-in, promoting self-motivation, and engendering excitement, all while working toward concrete goals. Our educational system places immense demand on students and teachers alike. Having worked in both elementary and high schools, I've seen those pressures first hand. As a tutor, I can act as a guide, ensuring your student receives the support they need to flourish, not just as a taker-of-test and writer-of-essays, but as a growing human being. 

Areas of expertise: reading comprehension; textual analysis; creative and analytical writing; creative, critical, and logical thinking; Shakespeare

Subjects: English, Drama, Art History, Philosophy, Psychology, Social Studies, Biology, Physics

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