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"I've worked with Ayelet for quite some time now and I can honestly say that this quality of 1:1 coaching is hard to come by. Ayelet is very observant when it comes to their students and the gaps which need tending to. They are honest and compassionate with their students, acknowledging the rollercoaster of emotions that come with this type of training. Ayelet not only creates a safe environment for students to truly push themselves, but guides others in a way that no one else will take the time to genuinely do. Ayelet is known for switching things up and providing a variety of work that targets both my strengths and my areas of improvement. Without a doubt, Ayelet is the most intentional teacher I've ever had the pleasure of working with, leaving me happier and more energized than when I first start every single session. This is a wonderful break from everyday life and a very real look into the rigorous world of acting. I look forward to continuing to build on my craft under Ayelet's teaching and I recommend you check out their program if you too have interest in discovering your abilities and working through your natural talents." 

 - Faina C, Actor

"Prior to working with Ayelet, I’ve always had issues with anxiety and with unconsciously holding my breath (I also never realized how much internal stress I’d been gripping onto before). Ayelet, through their public speaking coaching sessions, taught me to let go of everything. They taught me to become more comfortable with my body by exploring new ways of being with myself, such as diving into newer territory that at first felt a bit scary. However, with Ayelet’s guidance, directed by compassion, enthusiasm, and nonjudgment, I have learned to fully express myself through a more confident voice, which I’ve now also learned to pair with more courageous body movements. Even more important is the fact that the skills that I’ve learned can be applied to not only professional scenarios (such as reading my poetry to a public audience), but also to my everyday life." 

-Clayre B, Poet

-Katrina R, Parent of Actor

We feel very fortunate to have had Ayelet as our daughter's acting coach. Initially, we expected help with auditions but we received so much more. We saw immense improvement in our daughter's range and most importantly, her confidence. Ayelet has a unique ability to connect with their student, whatever the energy level, whatever the mood. We elected for a much longer engagement than we original planned and delighted to have had that time!

-Barry Eitel, Playwright

"Ayelet is a passionate and dynamic actor and artist. They are always enthusiastic about creating and embracing theatricality. Ayelet's performance in my play Champagne helped me understand my characters in unexpected and exciting new ways."

"Working with Ayelet has positively challenged my performances. Ayelet brings an energy and focus into a space that makes you really feel comfortable and understood. Ayelet brings ideas and topics into rehearsal that reflect the controversial world we live in, attacks them with love and illuminates them. Ayelet truly believes in people they work with, and invests time to cultivate confidence within them. I remember being horrified to sing on stage. Ayelet helped me become confident that I could sing on stage and worked with me to find a key that complimented my comfort level. Ayelet is a jewel and working with them is an experience that you will remember for life."   

- Keturah W, Actor

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