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Disability Coaching

As someone who is multiply disabled, I know how challenging it is to navigate a society in which accessibility is at best an afterthought and at worst utterly prohibitive. So often, we are made to feel like a burden or a problem with so many "extra" or "inconvenient" needs, when what's really happening is that our needs don't get automatically met by how things are structured, so we have to ask for them or go without. We're simultaneously invisiblized and hypervisiblized, increasing our alienation and marginalization. There's the daily struggle for survival and the lifelong struggle for fulfillment.


To my disabled kin: I have spent years untangling my internalized ableism to find adaptive ways to thrive in a society that would rather I just fade. I can't change all of society for us, but I can support you in your personal work of dismantling internalized ableism. I can guide you on things like releasing shame, asking for help, and creative adaptation. 

To my abled allies: If you want unlearn your ableism and flourish in your accessibility practice, I can offer a patient, non-judgemental, insightful perspective to guide you in that process. I specialize in inclusive language, design, and structure, and can audit a project or organization as well as provide individual counseling.

Pay structure: Please note that for this offering, my prices are different. My usual rate is $75/h. For disabled folk, the rate is $35-75, for non-disabled folk the rate is $75-125, and for organizations the rate is $100-200. If these prices are prohibitive, please contact me; I may be able to offer alternatives. 


Did you know there's a disability pride flag? It's current version was created in 2021 by Ann Magill and it looks like this: 

  • Red - physical disabilities

  • Gold - neurodiversity

  • White - invisible disabilities and disabilities that haven't yet been diagnosed

  • Blue - emotional and psychiatric disabilities, including mental illness, anxiety, and depression

  • Green - for sensory disabilities, including deafness, blindness, lack of smell, lack of taste, audio processing disorder, and all other sensory disabilities

Which colors are you? I'm ALL OF THEM!!

Any questions? Want to book a session?

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