Who can I Play?


I will play folks of any and all genders. Exception: I won't play a trans woman (at this point in history, those roles must go to trans-femme actors). Naturalistically, I read as cis-femme and non-binary.


I revel in dodging a singular 'type,' and playing across a wide spectrum of roles. I play my best in roles with unique personalities, highly linguistic roles, and roles that require and exude great energy.


I will play folks of all ages. Naturalistically, I can pull off 15-35.


Classical to contemporary, naturalistic to experimental, comedy to drama to musical, I have experience in a wide range of genres, and enjoy them all.


I will exclusively play white and ethnically non-specific characters. I approach playing specific white ethnicities that are not my own (Eastern European Jew) on a case-by-case basis. 


I'm a moderately trained, flexible, high-ranged singer. I'm a lightly trained dancer, with little formal technique, but I pick up choreography quickly, and move well. I play ukulele and guitar with intermediate skill.

Who Have I Played?

"Give [a person] a mask, and [they] will tell you the truth."

-Oscar Wilde