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"Dig for bones, find bones,

hear the bones sing, write it down."

-Suzan-Lori Parks, Possession

My current mission statement as a theatre artist, educator, and person, as well as a look at how my mission has evolved.

A brief biography of my life as a theatre maker and educator, and information around my personal-political identity. 

Learn more about the plays I've directed, see production photos, read press.

My plays; descriptions, production histories, and excerpts; full texts of "The Unproducable" plays.

Acting Coaching, Public Speaking Coaching, Movement Coaching, Zoom Coaching, Tutoring, Crafting Lessons, Writing Lessons


Who I have played, and who I can play.


Hear from folks who have worked with me; submit your own testimonial.

"The stage is a place where the invisible can appear and has a deep hold on our thoughts." Peter Brook, The Empty Space




"If you don't recognize eats you."

-María Irene Fornés, Fefu and Her Friends

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