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With a decade and a half of professional experience teaching students of a wide array of ages, backgrounds, and abilities in a variety of settings, educating is not just my occupation, but my passion and my purpose. As a certified peer counselor, I am invested in the uplift of individuals and communities. Find out more about my pedagogy and methodology here.

With flexible hours and a sliding scale, find out more about my schedule and rates here.

Trans+ and seeking to explore how voice, movement, affect, and energy inform and express your sense of gender?

Join me for Gender Affirmation Coaching



Seeking to advance your public speaking and presentation abilities, at work or at social events? Have a fear of public speaking?

Join me for Public Speaking Coaching


Looking to improve academic performance, or foster skill in reading, writing, and critical thinking?

Join me for Tutoring


Professional actor seeking to hone your craft or prepare for an audition?

Non-professional seeking to explore acting and its many benefits?

Join me for Acting Coaching


Feeling blocked? Struggling with something specific or general, internal or external?

Join me for Problem Solving Coaching


Seeking to increase strength, flexibility, stamina? Hoping to gain more comfort with you body, physically and emotionally?

Join me for Movement Coaching


Want to learn or develop skills playwriting, songwriting, poetry, short fiction, or essay writing?​

Join me for Writing Lessons


Want to learn or develop skills in sewing, knitting, or beading?

Join me for Crafting Lessons


Want to become a more capable Zoom/online presenter, for business or pleasure?​

Join me for Zoom/Online Presence Coaching


Any questions? Want to book a session?

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