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Field, Nest, Stage


Field, Nest, Stage follows the relationship between Maa and Terrance in three separate contexts: a rural home, a warped 1950's-esque suburbia, and finally, a stage. Inspired by the work of Cuban-American avant-gardist Maria Irene Fornés, this triptych on intimacy incorporates musical elements and explores the possibilities of dramatic form.


Dramatic; experimental; avaunt-garde.


Maa: Femme (Trans woman, cis woman, non-binary femme); 20s-30s; any ethnicity.

Terrance: Masc (Trans man, cis man, non-binary masc); 20s-30s; any ethnicity. 

Others: Any genders; ages; ethnicities. 

Content Advisory

Mature themes and language including: violent gendered language; neurodiveristy; intimacy

Production History

Development: Two workshops December 2019 and February 2020, leading to a staged reading February 2020. Produced by Kayla Kaufman as part of the Fresh New Play Sunday Series with the San Francisco Public Library. Workshop and reading participants: Dylan Barrows, Gertrudis Colon, Christy Conway, Kayla Kaufman, Peter Malmquist, Joey Mankin, Radhika Rao, Hannah Rosenzweig, Raquel Orendan Shrestha, Lisa Wang, Jacqueline Wolfe.

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