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Man and Wife


A man and woman married 'gainst her will

So she decides her husband she will kill

Attempt after attempt with no success

'til finally...well, I'll leave you to guess


Woman: Trans woman, cis woman, non-binary femme; 20s-30s; any ethnicity

Man: Trans man, cis man, non-binary masc; 20s-40s; any ethnicity

Brother: Can be played by actor of any gender; 20s-30s; any ethnicity

Content Advisory

Mature themes and language including: sex, murder, forced marriage, staged violence. Suitable for high school and older. 

Production History

Full production: Produced as part of the new plays series "Nu Wurks" at the Jewish Community High School of the Bay in 2012. Actors: Beth Magid, Even Fenner, Eli Goodman. Director: Dylan Russell. 

Staged Readings: Hearthfire Theater in 2016, Brandeis University's "Hold Thy Peace" Theater Group in 2015.

Professionally unproduced. 



Comedic; rhyming verse; farcical.

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