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that is how it is for me


I began writing this play when I sat down to write an essay called "Race and Place" for the class "Performance and the Politics of Black Authenticity" taught by the inimitable Dr. Jasmine Johnson. The assignment asked us to think about our personal position in the context of racial identity and politics. I couldn't find a starting place. I opened up my playwriting application and let my thoughts tumble onto paper without censorship. The result is a play about me--at least, the 'me' I was my final two years of college. It covers every intersection of my life at that time. It is very messy, and quite beautiful. 


Maa: Femme (Trans woman, cis woman, non-binary femme), 20s-30s, any ethnicity.

Terrance: Masc (Trans man, cis man, non-binary masc), 20s-30s, any ethnicity. 

Others: Any genders, ages, ethnicities. 

Content Advisory

Reflections on gendered violence, sexual violence, the gender binary, subjectivity, objectification, political violence, climate change, reproduction, sex, intimacy, language, movement, relationship, paradox, the human condition, insomnia, neurodivergence, chronic pain, narrative, silence, and more. 


Dramatic; experimental; avaunt-garde; poetic; monologic; choral.

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