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The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?


Edward Albee



Ayelet Schrek



Excerpts from:

First-Year Creates/Directs Dark and Intriguing Performances

by Rachel Dobkin published in The Hoot

"Schrek’s play [Fiction] did an excellent job of establishing the mood of the evening along with the themes of tragedy, death, betrayal and love for The Goat, which followed promptly."

"All of the actors did an absolutely phenomenal job representing the tension pulling at each family member. Hopes and Yossefy somehow concocted a chemistry that only long-married couples seem to generate, of a couple deeply in love yet also still best friends—a great triumph. "

"The audience sat in chairs about 10 feet away, giving the performance a more intimate feeling. The set looked incredibly professional. The stage crew and actors were absolutely phenomenal technically, seamlessly rearranging the set in between plays and playing sound effects exactly on cue. "

"The Free Play Theatre Cooperative is an independent experimental theater company that is 'devoted to producing experimental and innovative works focused on examining issues we face as a human race, such as social injustice, war, and coexistence' and aims to 'create a dialogue within the Brandeis community about such issues, to help cultivate diversity and a better understanding of ourselves and the people around us.' Schrek and [their] cast and crew certainly accomplished this goal with sophistication, skill and depth in Fiction and The Goat or Who is Sylvia?"

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