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Titania's Votaress


Written for Playground SF for the prompt "Shakespeare Prequels," this play, in dramatic verse, imagines the relationship between A Midsummer Night's Dreams's Titania and the mother of her contested changeling. A linguistically stunning play about queer love and loss. 


Classical; tragedy; verse


Titania: Trans woman, cis woman, non-binary femme; any ethnicity; late 20s-50s

Anjali: Cis woman; Indian; 20s-30s

Puck: Preferably trans man, non-binary masc, or gender fluid AMAB (assigned male at birth); any ethnicity; late teens-20s

Oberon: Cis man; any ethnicity, late 20s-50s

Content Advisory

Mature themes and language including: sexual content; infidelity; pregnancy; death; grief

Production History



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