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This piece was written for a class assignment: to write a monologue from the perspective of a character modeled off of the mythological 'Hecuba' figure, using found texts; that is, taking pieces of text from a variety of sources, and incorporating them directly into the monologue. Researching Hecuba's story (her home is invaded, her children killed or enslaved, and she herself is forced onto the Greek ships to be taken back to Greece as a sex slave), I was immediately struck by the parallel to the history of African slavery and forced migration in ships, as well as my own Jewish heritage. I wrote this monologue with those histories in mind. 


Monologue; found text; play with music; tragedy


Hecuba: afab femme; preferably black and Jewish (must be of an ethnicity with ancestral ties to diaspora/displacement); any age over 20

Content Advisory

Explicit language on themes of rape, murder, enslavement, generational trauma. 

Production History

Presented as part of Artists Theater of Boston's ATB x Aeronaut Festival. Directed by Ayelet Schrek and performed by Brontë Velez (pictured below). 


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