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The three 'wayward sisters' retell the story of Macbeth, framed through a lens of toxic masculinity, exploring the double-edged act of engaging stories of trauma--the labor and vulnerability, and the potential for healing. Using the source language and new text, this adaptation of Shakespeare is chillingly relevant in our current political climate.


Classical tragedy; experimental; adaptation; poetic.


All three actors are femme (trans women, cis women, non-binary femmes); 20s-60s; any ethnicity (but no two actors share the same ethnicity)

Witch 1: Macbeth

Witch 2: Banquo, Malcom, Porter, Macduff, Old Man, Murderer, Lord, Lady Macduff, Seyton

Witch 3: Lady Macbeth, Ross, Duncan, Murderer, Lennox, Messenger, Young Siward

Content Advisory

Mature themes and language including: graphic depictions of violence, murder, sexism, corruption, possible nudity, death of children.

Production History

Development/Production: Produced as part of Brandeis University's Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts 2017. Directed by playwright as a 'live dramaturgical process;' the production was essentially an extended, thorough workshop, designed to test and finalize the text. Professionally unproduced. 



Alex Wu

Roopa Boodhun

Joanna Murphy


Prod Staff:

Ayelet Schrek

Tong Li

Madi Samus

BT Montrym

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