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Women of Quality


This piece was written for a class called "Pleasure and Theatre: 1660-1800." As a culminating assignment for the class, I wrote a play that brought together eight women from a variety of the Restoration Era texts we'd read. The women meet in secret to discuss the structures and restrictions of their positions in society, debate their differences, and write their own story. 

Source plays include: Marriage à la Mode by John Dryden; The Country Wife by William Wycherley; The Rover by Aphra Behn; Venice Preserv'd by Thomas Otway.


Period piece; drama; verse and prose; based on source texts


Palmyra: femme; any ethnicity; 20s-30s

Lady Fidget: femme; any ethnicity; 20s-40s

An Orange Woman: femme; any ethnicity; 30s-50s

Angellica Bianca: femme; any ethnicity; 20s-30s

Belvidera: femme; any ethnicity; 20s

Miranda: femme; any ethnicity; 20s-30s

Lucilia: femme; any ethnicity; 20s-30s

Lesbia: femme; any ethnicity; 20s-30s

Content Advisory

Mature themes including: structures of gendered oppression, classism

Production History


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