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A complete list of my completed works. Each play links to a more detailed description, production history, and (sometimes) excerpt. If you are interested in reading the entire play, please contact me directly. Please do not use any piece of my texts without express permission. 

Full Length Plays


Field, Nest, Stage

An exploration of form;

elemental and avant-garde;

a triptych of intimacy.


Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 11.35.05


A feminist adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth for three actors.



A Case for Yellow

A family drama exploring neurodiversity, inheritance, agency, resilience, relationships, and the nature of metaphor.



that is how it is for me

A beautiful mess of language.

(Looking to workshop)


One Act Plays


Man and Wife

A woman tries to kill her husband. Comedically. In rhyming iambic pentameter. 


Short Plays


8 Seconds

Inspired by the writings of María Irene Fornés, this play, set in a high school classroom, explores connection and isolation.




A memory play between a child and mother about the loss of beloved childhood spaces.



Another Lesbian Farce

A Midsummer Night's Dream, but somehow even gayer. Also, everybody's chickens for some reason.



Trick and Treat

Horror or Romance?

One story, two meanings.




Edward-Albee-inspired, this absurd and brutal play about trauma and interpersonal violence hurtles toward a tragic end.



Titania's Votaress

A dramatic prologue to A Midsummer Night's Dream

written in high verse.


The "Unproducables"

The following are plays I've written that I find value in, but for which I don't intend on seeking production (although I'm open to production if such an opportunity were to arise). I'm listing them here along with short descriptions. If any pique your interest, feel free to contact me to learn more.

A Note Upon Not(h)ing: A monologue about sexual abuse and language.

Acting: A monologue about what we do--and don't--teach during sexual development.


Eight Ate, Eat Eight: An experimental piece examining the 'Madonna-Whore Dichotomy.'

Int. Playwright: A self-indulgent meta play about the writing process. Cute.

Martha Wants You to Give: A highly experimental look at sexual violence in the workplace.

Miss Julie Self Reflects: An Essay: A response to irresponsible pedagogy and the theatrical cannon.

Untitled: A monologue, incorporating found text, from the perspective of 'a Hecuba.' 

Sisyphus: An odd little play inspired by the existentialism of Albert Camus.

Solstice Miracle: A holiday play for non-denominational queers and those who love them.

To Hold the One-Way Mirror Up: An experimental play about the power of culture and internalized hatred. 

Trichy Stuff: My high school "keystone project;"a monologic play about trichotillomania.

Voices: A naturalistic snapshot of three sisters, finding conflict and connection as their mother dies.

Women of Quality: Written for a class on Restoration Drama, women from a variety of period plays meet and consider gender.

Works in Progress


A one act about temptation and self-sabotage. Fully written, in edits.


A full length play about queer relationships, and all the unlearning and learning that go into them. Actively in progress.


A TV pilot about a group of queer and artist friends living in San Francisco, imagining what life could be as they navigate what it is. Almost complete.

I Fell in Love with Hamlet

A full-length play about the romanicization of toxic masculinity. In the mid stages of writing, may never finish.


A full length play emerging from my short play Roundabout. The protagonist reflects on the deterioration of their relationship to home, in both their city and their mother. In pre-writing. 

"I will be free, even to the uttermost, as I please, in words."
-William Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew

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